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dc.contributor.advisorSareen, Siddharth
dc.contributor.authorHansen, Tormod Evensen
dc.description.abstractThe scope of this study is to analyse and discuss measures from Stavanger´s Climate- and environment plan 2018-2030 to gain insight into how the national urban growth agreement is implemented on a regional level. Contemporary environmental challenges present formidable societal challenges. The Paris Agreement in 2015 stands as a global response to motivate nations to address the impact of climate change and secure sustainable development for the future. Scholars have drawn comparisons to ´wicked problems´ due to environmental challenges, complexity, interconnected nature and obscurity. A Multi-Level Perspective (MLP) framework will conceptualize the complex process of a socio-technological transition. A decarbonising theoretical framework is discussed to understand the logic of strategies, and a critical energy justice framework is reviewed to identify the possible injustices when decarbonising lightweight transport. A 'window of opportunity' is present due to pressure on existing fossil-fuelled paradigms that could change technical regimes and landscape changes In this study, a case study approach is used to collect relevant data, and a literature review method is used to analyse the data collected. It has been identified three distinct areas of focus in Stavanger municipality: Improvement and facilitation of public transportation, bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure; Promoting environmental friendly mobility; Utilization and facilitation of innovative technology. Additionally, two distinct barriers are identified: How to decarbonize; How to make the transition equitable. A general conclusion is that there are incentives present. Still, they depended upon several long-term, environmentally-friendly mobility projects, which may not provide sufficient results in short-term perspectives.
dc.titleDecarbonising light-weight urban transport: A case study of Stavanger, Norway
dc.typeMaster thesis

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