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dc.contributor.authorTalwar, Shalini
dc.contributor.authorTalwar, Manish
dc.contributor.authorKaur, Puneet
dc.contributor.authorSingh, Gurmeet
dc.contributor.authorDhir, Amandeep
dc.identifier.citationTalwar, S., Talwar, M. Kaur, P., Singh, G., Dhir, A. (2021) Why have consumers opposed, postponed, and rejected innovations during a pandemic? A study of mobile payment innovations. JIS. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 25, 1-27.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe highly infectious nature of the COVID-19 virus has made the use of contactless payment methods a health exigency. Yet, consumers are resisting using mobile payments (m-payments) during the pandemic, a confounding behavior that needs to be better understood. The present study explicates this behavior by examining consumer resistance to m-payments during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, it provides more granular findings by measuring three levels of resistance/non-adoption, namely, postponement, opposition, and rejection. In this way, the study adds depth to the literature, which has largely examined resistance at an aggregate level to yield generic findings. Toward this end, the study draws upon the Innovation Resistance Theory (IRT) to propose that usage, value, risk, tradition, and image barriers influence the three levels of resistance/non-adoption differently. An artificial neural network analysis (ANN) of the data collected from 406 non-users of m-payments confirmed that the influence of the five barriers varies for the three levels of resistance/non-adoption. The results further suggest that the usage barrier is the most significant contributor to opposition and rejection intentions toward m-payments, whereas the image barrier is the most influential for postponement intentions. This study thus makes a useful contribution to theory and practice.en_US
dc.rightsNavngivelse-Ikkekommersiell 4.0 Internasjonal*
dc.subjectbetaling med mobilen_US
dc.titleWhy have consumers opposed, postponed, and rejected innovations during a pandemic? A study of mobile payment innovationsen_US
dc.typePeer revieweden_US
dc.typeJournal articleen_US
dc.rights.holder© 2021 Shalini Talwar, Manish Talwar, Puneet Kaur, Gurmeet Singh, Amandeep Dhiren_US
dc.subject.nsiVDP::Samfunnsvitenskap: 200::Økonomi: 210en_US
dc.source.journalAJIS. Australasian Journal of Information Systemsen_US

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Navngivelse-Ikkekommersiell 4.0 Internasjonal
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