Recent Submissions

  • Reference cases for verification of operation and maintenance simulation models for offshore wind farms 

    Dinwoodie, Iain; Endrerud, Ole-Erik Vestøl; Hofmann, Matthias; Martin, Rebecca; Sperstad, Iver Bakken (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2015-02)
    Due to lack of operating experience in the field of offshore wind energy and large costs associated with maintaining offshore wind farms, there is a need to develop accurate operation and maintenance models for strategic ...
  • ANNMD - Artificial Neural Network Model Developer 

    Smrekar, Jure (Working paper UiS, Research report, 2010-06)
    This booklet presents software for Artificial Neural Network (ANN) modeling called Artificial Neural Network Model Developer (ANNMD). ANNMD is generic software for a system modeling with ANNs. Its development is based on ...