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  • Essays in statistics and econometrics 

    Osmundsen, Kjartan Kloster (PhD thesis UiS; 523, Doctoral thesis, 2020-05)
    Helped by cheaper data computation, companies make more use of sophisticated statistical analysis in decision making and economic management. In the dissertation I evaluate and develop statistical methods and apply them ...
  • A Human Factors approach to medication administration in nursing homes 

    Odberg, Kristian Ringsby (PhD thesis UiS;470, Doctoral thesis, 2020-05)
    Medication administration causes a significant number of healthcare-related adverse events in primary care. In recognition of this, the World Health Organization has instigated a worldwide effort to reduce avoidable medically ...
  • Typical hydrodynamic models for aquaculture nets: A comparative study under pure current conditions 

    Cheng, Hui; Li, Lin; Aarsæther, Karl Gunnar; Ong, Muk Chen (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020-03)
    The net is regarded as the most critical component in marine aquaculture facilities as it is the only barrier which protects the environment from fish escapes. Accurate predictions of the net cage deformation and drag force ...
  • Frequency switching between oscillatory homeostats and the regulation of p53 

    Ruoff, Peter; Nishiyama, Nobuaki (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020-05)
    Homeostasis is an essential concept to understand the stability of organisms and their adaptive behaviors when coping with external and internal assaults. Many hormones that take part in homeostatic control come in ...
  • Market organization in natural resource industries: Empirical analysis of salmon aquaculture 

    Rocha Aponte, Fabian (PhD thesis UiS;, Doctoral thesis, 2020-05)
    This thesis aims to contribute to a better understanding of the intricacies of market organization in a renewable natural resource industry: The Norwegian salmon industry. Natural resource industries are of special interest ...

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