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  • Mitotic activity index and CD25+ lymphocytes predict risk of stage progression in non-muscle invasive bladder cancer 

    Lillesand, Melinda; Kvikstad, Vebjørn; Mangrud, Målfrid Ok; Gudlaugsson, Einar; Van Diermen, Bianca; Skaland, Ivar; Baak, Johannes Peter A; Janssen, Emiel (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020-06)
    In urothelial cell type non-muscle invasive urinary bladder carcinoma, TNM stage and WHO grade are widely used to classify patients into low and high-risk groups for prognostic and therapeutic decision-making. However, ...
  • Visualization of generic utility of sequential patterns 

    Wiktorski, Tomasz; Królak, Aleksandra; Rosińska, Karolina; Strumillo, Pawel; Lin, Jerry Chun-Wei (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020-05)
    Most of the literature on utility pattern mining (UPM) assumes that the particular patterns' utility in known in advance. Concurrently, in frequent pattern mining (FPM) it is assumed that all patterns take the same value. ...
  • Species Learning and Biodiversity in Early Childhood Teacher Education 

    Wolff, Lili-Ann; Skarstein, Tuula Helka (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020-05)
    To understand biodiversity, it is crucial to have knowledge of different species and their life conditions. Biodiversity learning for children starts with observing plants and animals in the neighbourhood. Therefore, it ...
  • Dialogic Discourse Analysis: A methodology for dealing with the classroom as a text 

    Skaftun, Atle (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
    Bakhtin is a source of theoretical inspiration for educational research. This article will be an attempt to activate also Bakhtin’s analytical practice and his methodology. I will explore and elaborate the typology of ...
  • Optimizing the separation factor along a directional well trajectory to minimize collision risk 

    Khosravanian, Rasool; Mansouri, Vahid; Wood, David A.; Aadnøy, Bernt Sigve (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020-04)
    Optimizing the trajectory of directional wellbores is essential to minimize drilling costs and the impacts of potential drilling problems. It poses multi-objective optimization challenges. Well-design optimization models ...

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