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dc.contributor.authorScott, Deanna
dc.descriptionMaster's thesis in Business administration : Executive MBAnb_NO
dc.description.abstractThe aim of this study was to examine job performance feedback and its impact on work motivation. Quantitative data from 221 employees, working for an organization, was gathered and hypotheses were tested using variables identified by the self-determination theory of motivation and human resource literature surrounding performance appraisal effectiveness. The findings revealed that satisfaction with performance feedback is a moderate predictor of intrinsic motivation in a work setting. It was also found that informal, day-to-day feedback was a much stronger predictor of feedback satisfaction than a quality performance appraisal session. Furthermore, the study provided empirical support for some individual differences, which influence these relationships. For employees with a low autonomy orientation, feedback played a more important role in enhancing motivation than for employees with a high autonomy orientation. This indicates that autonomy orientation is a moderator in the relationship between job performance feedback and work motivation. Different perceptions of the informal feedback environment were also found to exist between employees in differing roles, which in turn impacted both satisfaction with feedback and intrinsic motivation for these groups. This research underscores the importance of the role that leaders play with regards to providing employees with a supportive feedback environment and how the organization should prioritize with regards to facilitating this. Future research should continue to move away from the traditional performance appraisal process to a more holistic contextual view, considering both the day-to-day feedback environment and the needs of the individual.nb_NO
dc.publisherUniversity of Stavanger, Norwaynb_NO
dc.rightsNavngivelse 3.0 Norge*
dc.subjectperformance appraisalnb_NO
dc.subjectself-determination theorynb_NO
dc.subjectlederskap og mestringnb_NO
dc.subjectstrategisk hrmnb_NO
dc.titlePerformance feedback and impact on work motivationnb_NO
dc.typeMaster thesisnb_NO
dc.subject.nsiVDP::Social science: 200::Economics: 210::Business: 213nb_NO

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Navngivelse 3.0 Norge
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