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dc.contributor.authorSædberg, Andreas
dc.descriptionMaster's thesis in Mechanical engineeringnb_NO
dc.description.abstractThis Master thesis will include the design and structure of a nitrogen generator that shall be approved for internal lifting on offshore platforms. The generator shall be in accordance with the harmonized standards: NORSOK R-002 – Lifting equipment and NORSOK Z-015 – Temporary equipment. NORSOK R-002 requires a safety factor higher than 2.52 for the frames to be approved for internal lifting on offshore platforms. There have been performed finite element analyses of a lifting test of the different prototypes, to ensure which of the prototypes will be approved. It has been performed additional finite element analysis to simulate how the different forces will be distributed on the prototypes via an impact test. The impact test will simulate what happens to the frame if it collides into a fixed element. A research regarding certification of the nitrogen generator according to DNV 2.7-3 – Portable offshore unit have been performed, and if it will be beneficial to fulfill the changes that are required. A description of the components in the nitrogen generator and the purpose of each component have been presented. It has also been made a comparison of the current nitrogen generators on the market today, and how the unit presented in this Master thesis stands out.nb_NO
dc.publisherUniversity of Stavanger, Norwaynb_NO
dc.relation.haspartFinite element analysis, Membrane Technology, Innovationnb_NO
dc.subjectfinite elemenet analysisnb_NO
dc.subjectmembrane technologynb_NO
dc.titleConstruction and analysis of atex nitrogen generator frame with componentsnb_NO
dc.typeMaster thesisnb_NO
dc.subject.nsiVDP::Technology: 500::Mechanical engineering: 570::Machine construction and engineering technology: 571nb_NO

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  • Studentoppgaver (TN-IKM / TN-IMBM) [1076]
    Master- og bacheloroppgaver i Konstruksjoner og materialer / Maskin, bygg og materialteknologi (maskinkonstruksjoner, byggkonstruksjoner og energiteknologi) / Masteroppgaver i Offshore teknologi: industriell teknologi og driftsledelse - Offshore technology: industrial Asset management / Masteroppgaver i Offshoreteknologi : offshore systemer (konstruksjonsteknikk og marin- og undervannsteknologi-subsea technology)

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