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dc.contributor.advisorSattich, Thomas Michael
dc.contributor.authorMikalsen, Petter
dc.description.abstractNorway along with the rest of the world is moving towards more low-carbon and renewable energy technologies. A large part of Norway's economy and job market relies on the oil and gas industry. This thesis investigates where the energy future in Norway might be headed in terms of technologies and retaining jobs from the oil and gas industry. Norway has a healthy economy and have most of their domestic needs covered by hydropower. This makes the resistance to change high. Research into the technologies, and policies were done as well as interviews with professionals in the oil and gas industry. Carbon capture and storage (CCS), offshore wind, and biofuels were found to be the most likely technologies that Norway will focus on in the future. Norway as a green battery through pumped hydro storage (PHES) and geothermal energy were also found to have a potential future in Norway's energy mix.
dc.titleA look at Norway's Energy Future: Can jobs be retained during the green transition?
dc.typeMaster thesis

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  • Studentoppgaver (SV-IMS) [1263]
    Master- og bacheloroppgaver i Endringsledelse / Kunst og kulturvitenskap / Samfunnssikkerhet / Dokumentarproduksjon

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