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dc.contributor.advisorGrahn, Åsa
dc.contributor.authorAndreassen, Victoria Kiil
dc.description.abstractDark tourism has many different definitions there are many motivations for tourists to visit places of death and disaster. Dark tourism is a wide term that is used to describe tourism or tourists that are related to or connected with death and disaster (Marini & Buda, 2020, p. 680-681). Other have defined dark tourism as the travels to destinations with the motivation being a wish to encounter death (Siddique, 2019, p. 16-19). All the destinations, sites and attractions which are connected to or associated with death and disaster, have different shades of darkness depending on certain criteria. Also, the same type of attraction can have different shades (R. Stone, 2006, p. 150-152). Some of the motivations that tourists have for visiting places of death and disaster includes, a need for new experiences, curiosity, and the need for a new sensation (Podoshen, 2012, p. 264-265).
dc.titleDark tourism: what is it and why do tourist visit places of death and disaster?
dc.typeBachelor thesis

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